About Guerrilla Radio: The Hip-Hop Struggle Under Castro

Journey through a Cuba that few Americans know exists. Hundreds of hip-hop groups are forming across the island, inspired entirely by love of the music. Unlike hip-hop in the United States, there's no promise of a better life if Cuban rappers produce a hit.

They work against a stark backdrop of prostitution, black-market capitalism and poverty, in part because the typical Cuban makes only $15 a month. Complicating matters is a police force that tosses the rappers in jail if their songs criticize Fidel Castro or his communist government.

Even if you don't care for hip-hop, you will be fascinated by the struggle of the Cuban people and what they’re doing to survive.

The Buena Vista Social Club was the music of Cuba’s past; Guerrilla Radio is the music of Cuba's future.

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FESTIVAL in New York - June 2007

We've been chosen to tour with Southern Circuit - Tour of Independent Filmmakers in 2008! Stay tuned for details.

HATCH Audiovisual Arts Festival - Bozeman, Montana
Friday, October 6, at 330pm in the Ellen Theatre. It's part of an entire afternoon/evening program dedicated to hip hop.

Latino International Film Festival
November 3 - 19, 2006 - San Francisco