The Artists of Guerrilla Radio

Anonimo Consejo:
The name means "anonymous advice," but there's nothing anonymous about Cuba's hottest pair of rappers. Yozmel is a Rastafarian who disarms Cuban audiences with melody, while tough-talking Kokino fires off rhymes with a staccato delivery that sounds like a human machine gun.

Las Krudas:
Three lesbian rappers who are equal parts Missy Elliot, Biggie Smalls and Lil Kim. Tough, hard-core feministas who attack Cuban machismo on practically every song. They're street dancers in Havana's tourist traps by day and renegade hip-hop artists by night, giving voice to maids, tired mothers, and abused wives.

At first glance, Alexander appears like a young Lil Jon: gold teeth, long hair, Hollywood shades, and a distinctive sound. But that's where the similarities end. He neither smokes nor drinks, and his gold teeth are actually the product of a calcium-deficient diet brought about by food shortages in Cuba. Alexander produces music out of an Old Havana apartment the size of a college dorm room. While others rap about cars, sex or money, he focuses on issues like the plight of Cuban rafters who risk drowning and shark attacks for a shot at life in the United States.

Pitbull(shown here with Lil Jon):
He put Miami on the hip-hop map. Pit now runs with Lil Jon, but he got his start selling mix tapes at concerts and out of the trunk of his car. Not only is he a regular on MTV, he's getting a reputation as a fierce defender of the Latin community, especially after rapping a Spanish version of the national anthem in protest of U.S. immigration legislation. Perhaps it all began when his father would take him as a young boy to the local pubs in Miami, put him on the bar and have him recite (in Spanish) the poetry of Cuban revolutionary Jose Marti.

Papa Humbertico:
Cuba's most fearless rapper. Despite being banned from performing for four months after unveiling a protest banner during a performance, Humbertico never compromises his message. Frequent targets include corporate hip hop ("Take that commercial bullshit and go to hell"), officials who help him with one hand while pushing him down with the other, and hypocrisy in any form.