The Filmmakers behind Guerrilla Radio: The Hip-Hop Struggle Under Castro

Thomas Nybo

Thomas has worked in Sudan, Lebanon, Congo, Yemen and more than 40 other countries for CNN, the United Nations, PBS FRONTLINE/World and other clients. He was an embedded war correspondent for CNN during the current war in Iraq, and reported for CNN from Ground Zero the week of September 11th. He was one of the first CNN journalists able to report, shoot and edit their own stories using lightweight digital video cameras and laptop editing systems. Among his other stories: AIDS orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa, the terrorist group Hezbollah, and child trafficking in Romania.

Simon Umlauf

Simon Umlauf is currently a producer with Mountain View Group LTD, which is well known for creating award-winning corporate communications campaigns, educational programs, TV commercials and sales tools for Fortune 500 companies. Previously, Simon worked at CNN, starting as an unpaid intern and working his way up to a prime-time entertainment producer slot for CNN Headline News. He also created his own niche in the CNN entertainment unit and produced numerous interviews with top musical acts including Usher, Jet, Outkast, Pharrell, Kanye West, and Perry Ferrell, just to name a few. His other independent work included a monthly web column for called Hit Play that focused on emerging artists and contemporary trends in music. In this venue, Simon reviewed musicians and groups who were pushing the envelope on music in many genres -- Lucero, Cee-Lo Green, The Del McCoury Band, Alexi Murdoch, Cuban-American rapper Pitbull and many more. Simon Umlauf lives in Atlanta, but is a native son of Austin, Texas.

Indra Sibal Palmer
Associate Producer/Shooter/Photographer

Indra travels the globe producing, shooting and editing stories with the goal of bringing about awareness and change. She founded Eternalhorizon in 2003 after leaving CNN where she did everything from anchoring and producing full-time for CNNRadio, to a "one-woman band" features reporter, to a Headline News talent, as well as a writer for many of CNN’s top rated news shows. Since starting her own media company, Sibal has shot, edited and produced for entities such as CARE, Farmers’ Almanac Television, The 700 Club, The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Leading The Way, Yahoo News, PBS, NBC, and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, among others. She’s also set up and trained the staff of a Star News network in Calcutta, India, as well as the staff of CNN-IBN and NDTV, based in New Delhi, and PINK in Belgrade on how to shoot and edit.